Capture triple the moments

TCL Plex capture triple the moments

Make every moment extraordinary with TCL PLEX's triple camera. A 48MP AI camera, low-light camera and super wide-angle camera unite to help you capture life's greatness.

AI algorithms for anti-blur, anti-shake, anti-fog, burst shot, ultra clarity and low-light photography secure you superior shots.

Super low-light

2.9µm big-pixel

Super AI

48 megapixel

Super wide-angle

123 degrees

Light up the darkness

TCL 10 Light up the darkness TCL camera light up the darkness TCL camera light up the darkness

Great moments can happen anywhere at any time. Capture them even in the dark with TCL PLEX's advanced low-light photo and video technology.

Take brighter night shots with AI, striking night videos with larger pixels and 960FPS slow-motion.

Explore the night

Witness the night like never before with low-light video.Film clearer details with pixels twice the size.

TCL 2.9 big pixel

Slooooooooooooow it down

Relive every second 32 times slower with HD super slow-mo that's vibrant night or day at 960 frames per second.

TCL camera 960 fps super slow-mo

Brighten your world

Shoot brilliant images in the dark whether inside or out. Take photos three times* brighter in the darkest environments with auto low light.** Get greater definition, clarity and color in the dark using Super Night mode.

TCL mobile brighten your world TCL brighten your world bakcground

*Data based on results from TCL Camera Lab tests.

**Darkest environments refer to brightness conditions below 1 lux.

Capture more detail

Appreciate every aspect with 48MP super high resolution.

TCL mobile foggy autumnal image

Expand your view

See the whole scene with 123 degree super wide-angle shots for four times the view.*

TCL Plex 123 degree super wide-angle shots

*Compared to the standard camera angle (approximately 74 degrees.) Data based on results from TCL Camera Lab tests.

Stay in the action

Keep your subject sharp and your 4K video shake-free with live auto zoom and auto tracking.

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2. The product pictures shown are for reference only, the images shown on the display screen are simulated and for demonstration purposes only. Please take actual products as standard.

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