How do I back up my device data?

There are several ways to back up your data.
Method 1:
Go to “Settings”->Touch “System”->Touch “Backup” ->Touch “Turn on” in the window which has now opened->Touch “Back up Now. You need to add your Google account details first.
* App data, SMS text messages, Device settings, Call history, and Contacts will be backed up.
For more back up & sync help, please continue touch “Photos & videos”-> active “Back up & sync”.
Method 2:
You can back up your data to another phone via the “Switch Phone” app, and then recover data when your phone has been repaired.
Swipe up in the home screen to find the search bar->enter “switch phone” and then touch “search”->Touch to open “Switch Phone” on the search results page->Transfer the contents by following the instructions.