How can I turn on Bluetooth and pair with another Bluetooth device?

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communications technology used to communicate between devices over a distance of about 8 meters.

To connect to a Bluetooth device, you must turn on your phone’s Bluetooth radio. The first time you use a new Bluetooth device, you must pair it with the one which you want to connect. Afterwards, both devices should know how to connect with each other securely and will do so automatically.

1) Touch “Settings”.

2) Touch “Network & connection”.

3) Touch “Bluetooth”.

4) Switch to the “On” position.

5) Touch “Pair new device”.

6) Touch the device that you want to pair with.

7) Create/Check a pairing code in the pop-up window.

8) Type/Check this pairing code on the other device.

You can also turn on Bluetooth from the Quick settings. Touch the indicator icon area and drag it downwards using your finger. You can then turn Bluetooth on or off.