• Mobile_Upgrade_S_Gotu2_v1.0.5_Setup.exe


  • How can I set up my device when I turn it on for the first time?
    The first time you turn on the device, you will see a welcome screen. You can start to set up your device by following the instructions.
    A series of screens will lead you through the set-up process. You also have the option to skip some steps during the process.
  • How can I change the language of the device?
    The first time in setup wizard interface to scroll the pop-up menu to choose a language as your device language.
    Or you can change the language by accessing the main menu -> “Settings” -> “System”-> “Languages & input” -> “Languages” -> “Add a language” -> Choose the language that you want to add -> Press and drag the language to the top to select it.
  • How can I check the IMEI number (4G version) or Serial number (Wi-Fi version) of my device?
    You have 3 ways to check the IMEI information:
    Method 1: Check the IMEI information from the IMEI label which is stuck to the device body.
    Method 2: Enter *#06# in the dialing keypad. (Only for 4G version)
    Method 3: Go to the main menu -> “Settings” -> “System” -> “About tablet” -> “Status” -> “IMEI information/Serial number”.
  • How can I take a screenshot?
    You can easily share what's on your screens by taking screenshots. Hardware buttons let you snap a screenshot and store it locally. Afterwards, you can view, edit, and share the screen shot in Gallery or a similar app.
    Method 1: Push the power button and Volume down button at the same time for a couple of seconds.
    Method 2: Swipe down to access the quick settings from any screen, and then click the screenshot icon to take a screenshot.
  • How can I create a video of what's on the screen?
    Android brings a feature - built-in screen recording. This lets you use easily-accessible controls within the tablet to create a video of what's on your screen, similar to screenshots. You can even record the sound of your tablet, or use the mic to narrate what you're doing.
    Swipe down to access the quick settings from any screen, and then click the “Screen recorder” icon to create (slide to the left to view it in the second page).
    To further setup, go to the main menu -> “Settings” ->”Advanced features”->”Screen Recorder”
  • How can I change the permissions for my apps?
    You can change the “app permission” in “Settings” -> “Apps” -> “Permissions manager” -> selecting a topic. Check the choice-box to allow or deny individual permissions.
  • How can I activate the accessibility menu?
    The Accessibility Menu provides a large on-screen menu to control your tablet. You can control gestures, hardware buttons, navigation, and so on.
    1) To use this feature, system navigation buttons should be enabled: go to “Settings”->”Advanced features”->”System navigation”->”Buttons”.
    2) Then go to “Settings” -> “Accessibility” -> “Accessibility Menu” ->touch the toggle to “On” position->touch “Allow” -> the accessibility menu iconwill appear on the navigation bar.
  • How can I manage app notification quick and easy?
    When you touch and hold a notification on status bar, there will be two options appear “Prioritised/Alerting” and “Silent”.
    1) Select “Prioritised/Alerting” to allow sound alert for this app at subsequent new notifications.
    2) Select “Silent” to mute all notifications from this app
  • What can I do if my app show “App paused” when I touch it?
    In “Digital Wellbeing & parental controls”, you can customize the time limit for using the tablet so that have a healthy and balanced life. Set daily timers for most apps, when the app timer ends, the app is paused for the rest of the day.
    Touch “Settings” from main menu->touch “Digital Wellbeing & parental controls”->touch “Dashboard” (touch “show your data” first if it is the first time to access this setting) ->touch the app which you want to cancel app timer-> touch trash can icon to delete timer.
  • What can I do if my tablet screen is yellowing?
    a. Check whether “Eye comfort mode” is active. Eye comfort mode will filter out blue light and adjust the color temperature of your display to reduce eye strain.
    1) Go to “Settings”->”Display”-> “Eye comfort mode”->touch the trigger to activate /deactivate it.
    2) Drag down quick settings bar in any interface ->touch "Eye comfort mode” icon to activate/deactivate it.

    b. In reading mode, the screen will become monochromic to imitate physical books. Go to “Settings”->”NXTVISION”->”Reading mode”, touch the trigger to activate/deactivate it.
  • How can I do if navigation buttons disappear on my screen?
    There’s no gesture indicator on the screen under new gesture navigation mode, but you can switch back to the three-button navigation system of old if you want to.
    Just go to “Settings” -> “Advanced feature”-> “System Navigation” to choose the right option for you
  • When I touch on display the smartphone makes a zoom on display. How can I stop this feature?
    Please go to “Settings”->”Accessibility”->”Magnification”, disable “Magnification with triple-tap”
  • How can I change font size on display?
    Please go to “Settings”->”Display”->”Font size”.
  • How can I silence the ringtone of an incoming call? (only for 4G version)
    There’re several ways to silence the ringer before answering a call.
    Method 1: Press the “power” key and “volume up” key at the same time to switch to mute mode quickly.
    Method 2: Go to menu -> “Settings” -> “Sound”-> activate “Silent mode”.
    Method 3: Drag the Status Bar down with your finger and then touch the “Sound” icon to change to “Mute”.
  • What should I do if I cannot receive calls or miss calls constantly? (only for 4G version)
    1) If this issue only occurs in certain places, move to a location with a strong signal and try again.
    2) Check whether there are smudges or scratches on your SIM card's metal surface as a defective SIM card may affect signal stability. If necessary, contact your operator to obtain a replacement SIM.
    3) Check whether “Blocked numbers” or “Filter spam calls” is active on your phone: touch “Phone” app-> touch settings icon at the top right corner->”Settings”->check “Blocked numbers” & “Call ID & spam”.
    4) Please try to recovery with turn on and off Airplane mode or reboot the device;
    5) Please contact your service provider to check if any re-activate process needed for your service account.
  • How can I use a SIM card to do video calls?
    To use SIM card video call, you should check the requirements below:
    1) Video call requires network/SIM card support, please contact your SIM operator to make sure you have the video call service.
    2) Make sure called party also support video call and his/her SIM operator is the same as yours
    Video call option will appear during voice call is connecting when above requirements are met.
  • How to import your contacts directly into your Google Account?
    1) Install the SIM card with your contacts on it in your new tablet. (only for 4G version)
    2) Touch “Contacts” app.
    3) Touch the settings icon at the top left corner of the screen.
    4) Touch “Settings”.
    5) Touch “Import”.
    6) Choose a place where you want to copy your contacts from, and touch “OK”.
    7) Select your google account and choose the contacts you want to import. .
  • How can I change the default ringtone and adjust the volume for incoming calls?(only for 4G version)
    Your tablet uses sounds and vibrations to notify you of some events, using ringtones, notifications, alarms and navigation feedback. You can customize any of these sounds, as well as control their volumes.
    a. Change default ringtone for incoming calls.
    1) Touch the “Settings” icon from the Home screen or under the main menu.
    2) Touch “Sound”.
    3) Touch “Tablet ringtone”
    4) You will see a list of ringtones.
    5) Touch a ringtone to select and hear it. Or you can touch “Add ringtone”, choose an MP3 you like from music app and touch “OK”.
    6) Touch “Done” to confirm your final selection.

    b. Adjust volume for incoming calls.
    1) Touch the “Settings” icon from the Home screen or under the main menu.
    2) Touch “Sound”.
    3) You will see a Volume Bar. Drag to adjust the volume.
  • How can I use float window / split screen?
    1) You can swipe up with 3 fingers on the screen to active split mode.
    Go the “Settings”->”Advanced features”->”Gestures” to active/inactive split-screen gesture
    2) Touch and hold the menu key to active split mode.
  • How does my tablet connect to a Wi-Fi network?
    There have been some under-the-hood changes to Wi-Fi, which make it faster and more secure to connect to other devices

    Turn on Wi-Fi by following these steps:
    1) Touch the “Settings” icon from the Home screen or under the main menu.
    2) Touch “Network & internet”
    3) Touch Wi-Fi.
    4) Turn the switch to “On” position, the device will scan for available networks and display their names.
    *Secured networks are indicated with a lock icon.
    *If the device finds a network that you connected to previously, it connects to it.
    5) Touch a network name to see more details or connect to it.
    6) Enter a password or other credentials to connect to the network.
  • Why can’t I connect to a specific Wi-Fi router?
    The Android security tools that limit apps’ access to device IMEI, serial number, and other identifying information. It will also give you a little more protection when using Wi-Fi networks by randomizing your device’s MAC (media access control) address.
    If you use your device for business, your organization might require Wi-Fi mac address of your device for wireless connection. Privacy setting of Wi-Fi use randomized MAC by default, you need to change it to “Use device MAC” manually, follow steps below to change:
    1) Touch “Settings”
    2) Touch “Wi-Fi”
    3) Touch and hold the Wi-Fi name with connected status in the list
    4) Touch “Modify” in the dialog that opens
    5) Touch “Advanced options”
    6) Touch “Use randomized MAC” under privacy, then touch “Use device MAC” in the pop-up menu.
  • How can I back up my data on the device?
    You can back up your data to google drive using the following steps.
    1) Go “Settings”.
    2) Touch “System”
    3) Touch “Backup”.
    4) Activate “Back up to Google Drive” in the open window.
    5) Touch “Back up Now”
    * App data, SMS text messages, Device settings, Call history, Contacts will be backed up.
    For more back up & sync help, please continue touch “Google Photos”->”Back up & sync help”.
  • How can I perform a factory reset on my tablet?
    You can use the following steps to reset your tablet in the boot status.
    1) Go to “Settings”.
    2) Touch “System”
    3) Touch “Reset”.
    4) Touch “Factory data reset” to start.
    5) Touch “RESET DEVICE” in the open window.
    6) Touch “ERASE EVERYTHING”.
    Warning: this action will erase all your personal information and downloaded apps.

    Factory reset while your tablet is in in Shutdown state.
    1) Power off the tablet. Long press the “power” key and “volume up” key until the logo appear on the screen to enter the Android system recovery mode.
    2) Press the “volume” key to select “wipe data / factory reset”, then press the “power” key to confirm factory reset;
    3) Press the “volume” key to select “Factory data reset”, then press the “power” key to confirm the deletion of all user data;
    4) When the factory reset is complete, press the “volume” key to select “reboot system now” then press the “power” key to confirm.
  • How can I set up my SD card?
    Go to “Settings” -> “Storage” -> touch Portable storage “XX SD card”, then you can browse the contents of SD card, such as downloads, music, pictures, etc.
  • How can I transfer data from the internal storage to the SD card?
    Touch “File Manager” -> touch “Internal storage” -> touch and hold to select which data such as downloads, files, pictures, etc. you want to move -> touch the icon at the top right corner on the screen -> touch “Move” -> touch the SD card icon -> select a files and touch Move icon at the bottom right of the corner on the screen.
  • How can I format SD card in my device?
    Go to “Settings” -> “Storage” -> “XXSD card” -> touch the icon at the top right corner-> “Storage settings” -> “Format”->” ERASE & FORMAT”.
  • What can I do if my tablet asks me to enter Google account data after a factory reset has been made?
    You may need to enter the original Google account that was used on this tablet after you execute a factory data reset, otherwise you will not be able to use the tablet. This is the FRP (Factory Reset Protection) function.
    If you don’t remember your Google account data, please complete the Google account recovery procedure. In case you can’t recover it, please apply to a repair center.
  • How can I turn on USB debugging?
    To turn on the USB debugging, you can use the following steps.
    1) Go to “Settings” -> “System”-> “About tablet” -> “Build number”.
    2) Touch the Build number no less than 7 times.
    3) Touch “OK” on the pop up window to allow development setting, you will see a warning that mentions that developer mode is already turned on.
    4) Go back to “System” again, you will now find the “Developer options”.
    5) Activate “Developer options”.
    6) Activate “USB debugging”.
  • What should I do when I insert or remove a SIM card?(only for 4G version)
    This tablet support SIM card hot swap, you can insert or remove your SIM card while your device is power on.
  • What should I do if my device cannot charge or charges slowly?
    1) Check if the device has any battery drain issues. When the device consumes battery too fast, it results in slow charging.
    2) Verify whether there are any third-party power management software apps downloaded. If so, please uninstall these.
    3) Only use the official charger to charge your device.
    4) Please don't use the device for a long time while it is charging.
    5) Please back up your personal data, then reset or update your device to the latest system version and try again.
    If the problem persists, back up your data and take your device and proof of purchase to one of our repair centers to get more professional technical assistance.
  • How can I connect my tablet to a PC via a USB cable?
    When your device connects to a PC, the device will ask you which mode you want to use.
    To transfer data between the device and computer, select “Transfer files” mode.
    To transfer photos or files if MTP is not supported (PTP), select “Transfer photos (PTP)”.
    To disable all data and file transfer connections with the computer and put device in charging only mode, select “Charge this device”.
  • What kinds of tablet use may potentially damage the battery?
    1) Using a non-standard charger instead of the official charger.
    2) Using damaged cables or chargers, or charging when moisture is present, which can cause fire, electric shock, injury, or damage your tablet or other property.
    3) Exposing your tablet or battery to heat sources.
    4) We recommend that you do not use the tablet for long periods of time while it is charging, as it will harm your battery.

    **When you use the official charger to charge your tablet, make sure the USB cable is inserted into the power adapter fully before you plug the adapter into a power outlet.
  • What should I do if my device system lags or freezes?
    1) Too many apps running in the background or if the system cache has not been cleared may cause your device's system to lag. Touch the Menu key in the bottom corner of screen to view recently used applications, touch “Clear all”.
    2) Uninstall unused apps from time to time to ensure that your device has sufficient storage space.
    3) Charge your device until the battery level is at least 20%.
    4) Try to restart your device.
    5) If the issue occurs while using a third-party app, please uninstall the third-party app.
    6) If you are playing games, watching online videos or listening to online music, your device may lag or freeze because of a poor network connection. Enable Aeroplane mode for a few minutes, then disable it and check your network connection again. Alternatively, move to a location with a better network connection.
    7) Please back up your personal data, then reset or update your device to the latest system version.
  • How can I use the Talkback feature?
    Talkback is a screen reader primarily for people with blindness and low vision. It allows interaction with the device using spoken feedback. In this mode, you need to quickly touch the button twice to choose the button.
    Please go to “Settings”->”Accessibility”->” Talkback”, touch the toggle to turn on/off it.
    To navigate using Talkback:
    -Swipe right or left to move between items
    -Double –tap to activate an item
    -Drag two finger to scroll
  • What to do with my used terminals?
    Your device should not be disposed of in a municipal waste. Please check local environmental regulations for disposal of electronic products
    This symbol on your device, the battery, and the accessories means that these products must be taken to collection points at the end of their life:
    - Municipal waste disposal centers with specific bins for these types of equipment;
    - Collection bins at points of sale.
    They will then be recycled, preventing substances being disposed of in the environment, so that their components can be reused.
    In European Union countries:
    These collection points are accessible free of charge.
    All products with this sign must be brought to these collection points.
    In non-European Union jurisdictions:
    Items of equipment with this symbol are not to be thrown into ordinary bins if your jurisdiction or your region has suitable recycling and collection facilities; instead they are to be taken to collection points for them to be recycled.
    In the United States you may learn more about CTIA’s Recycling Program at