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二月 11, 2019

As one of the world's largest and the fastest-growing television brand, TCL is excited to announce its strategic expansion to the audio categories.

A holistic TV experience

Great sound solutions uplift the holistic TV entertainment. Our customers and consumers have been expecting us to create TCL sound bars for quite some times! With all of our in-house capability in design, engineering and sound innovations as well as our stringent quality standard in place, we are ready to launch our first generation of TCL soundbars.

Bring young consumers to TCL

TCL headphones are created to impress young and discerning listeners. Through our 4 key product families - SOCL, MTRO, ACTV and ELIT, we provide a varieties of styles and sound solutions for a pleasurable music entertainment anytime anywhere.

More to come

TCL soundbars and headphones are just our first step. We have built our capability to expand to smart solutions and small audio products. In everything we do, we promise: T – Total Consumer Satisfaction; E – Excellent Product Quality; S – Successful Product Market Combination (PMC)

What Makes TCL Audio Products Special

The brand

TCL is TOP3 Global TV Brand and also America's Fastest-Growing TV Brand. TCL means quality in consumer’s mind. For our audio products, we'll keep our promise of delivering BEST-IN-CLASS SOUND and EXCELLENT QUALITY.

Design & Mechanical

At TCL Entertainment Solutions, we have a solid design and R&D process embedded in the total operation from ideation until manufacturing. Our award-winning iLab in Belgium provides strong innovation pipelines and creative mechanical engineering.

Sound & Acoustics

TCL Entertainment Solutions made sound the core of its product innovation - we have an in-house development team of experienced audio engineers and stringent sound approval process before our products reach consumers.

Software & Connectivity

TCL Entertainment Solutions has the competence in building connected system and smart solutions. We aim to impress our audiences with intelligent and easy solutions in our products.