• Where can I find the model number of my product ?
    •You can find the product model number from below methods:
    •The model number is printed on the package box;
    •The model number is located on the headphone body;
    •Connect with Bluetooth device, and find the model number from Bluetooth device list.
  • Where can I find the serial number from my product ?
    •The serial number for TCL product can be found on the inside of the Bluetooth headphone package and the label stick on the outside of the gift box. In any case, the serial number is the 13 digit number after the "S/N: " characters.
  • How to clean my headphone?
    •Please use a soft cloth dampened with a minimum amount of water or diluted mild soap to clean the product.
    We suggest you keep these attentions to avoid damage or malfunction:
    •Do not use any cleaning agents which containing alcohol, ammonia, benzene, or abrasives.
    • The headphone shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing.
    • Do not submerge the product in water.
  • Does the in-line remote work on windows 10 devices?
    •TCL wired earphone headsets are primarily designed for use with a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet or music player. If you want to use the it with a Windows 10 PC or Apple Mac then you can enjoy music or video, but the function of play, pause, or switch tracks is depended on the device. Check your device's user guide for the details.
  • Are my headphones water proof?
    •We provide headphones with water proof feature like ACTV100BT series, you may visit www.tcl.com to learn more.
  • What is the range of the Bluetooth models?
    • TCL Bluetooth models have point to point ranges of 10m~15m, the range in specification is tested under standardised conditions. In reality, the Bluetooth transmission range might be affected by obstruction, shields and electromagnetic surroundings, or even affected other Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices like mobile phones or wireless router. Shorter or longer ranges may be actually occur in practice.
  • How are heardphones charged? And how long will they take to charge?
    •You can cherge it by using the USB cable supplied in the package. Just plug the micro-USB into the headphone, then plug USB into the USB port on a wall charger or a computer. It need less than 2 hours for most models to be full charged, however some special models such as MTRO200BT, will need about 3 hours to be full charged. While charging, the power status LED indicator light will be always on. Once fully charged, the power status LED indicator light will turn off.
  • Why is the operating time of my headphones is getting shorter after using for some time ?
    •The TCL Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancellation headphones are powered by the lithium polymer type rechargeble battery. After using the headphones for a long period of time and depends on the using frequency or using and storage environment, the rechargeble battery is degraded. This can finally affect the operational time of your headphones.
  • Can I use my Bluetooth headphone with my smart TV ?
    •It depends, If your smart TV supports Bluetooth function, please follow the TV user manual and the Bluetooth headphones user manual for Bluetooth pairing. However, you may experience some latency when watching TV program, such as picture and sound are not in sync.
  • Can I use my Bluetooth headphone with PC / Notebook computer ?
    •It depends on your PC/computer, If it supports Bluetooth function please follow it's user manual and the Bluetooth headphones user manual for Bluetooth pairing. But you may need to download and install some Bluetooth drivers in your PC / Notebook computer. Please check with your PC / Notebook computer manufacturer to get more details.
  • What is Active Noise Cancelling?
    •In these model headphones, there are microphones to pick up environmental noise. The noise signal is processed by active noise cancelling circuit inside the headphones, to create the opposite phase anto-noise signals. These anti-noise signal cancelled out the environmental noise transmitted inside the ear canals. This results the active noise cancelling effect.
  • Does the microphone work on windows 10 devices?
    The microphone function will work on most modern laptop with a combine audio and microphone jack, but if the laptop is an older style with separate jacks then you will need a separate Y-adaptor audio cable
  • why occasionally I would feel some slightly static electric shock on my ear when I am using my headphones ?
    This feeling is caused by a slight electrostatic discharge which is may occur when you use headphone in the dry, low humidity environments. It is similar to the slight static electric shock when the winter is stepped on the carpet and the ball door handle is touched. When you touch the ball door handle, static electricity is discharged through your hand.It does not mean that there is a problem with the headphones.
    Here are some useful tips for minimizing static electricity build up and discharge of your items:
    •Increase the humidity in the indoor environment. a portable humidifier or adjust the humidity control on your air conditioner can be uesd.
    •Spray an antistatic spray in the air.
    •Wear clothing made of natural fibers as much as possible. Synthetic fibers can accumulate static electricity.
    •Try to avoid friction between the music player and headphones and other items to minimize static build-up.
    •Please use an anti-static hand cream If your skin is very dry.
  • How to make a Bluetooth connection?
    To pair your device:
    •Press and hold power botton for 5 seconds until the blue and white LED flashes alternately.
    •The blue LED will flash when pairing is successful.
    •Turn on the Bluetooth function of your device such as smartphone.
    •Select model name of the headphone. Enter "0000" if the headphones password is required.
    •The blue LED will flash when pairing is successful

    To pair your device:
    •Make sure your headphone is powered on.
    •Press and hold the Bluetooth button for 3 seconds until the blue and white LED flashes alternately .
    •Turn on the Bluetooth function of your device such as smartphone.
    •Select model name of the headphone. Enter "0000" if the headphones password is required.
    •The blue LED will flash when pairing is successful
  • What to do with my used terminals?
    Your device should not be disposed of in a municipal waste. Please check local environmental regulations for disposal of electronic products
    This symbol on your device, the battery, and the accessories means that these products must be taken to collection points at the end of their life:
    - Municipal waste disposal centers with specific bins for these types of equipment;
    - Collection bins at points of sale.
    They will then be recycled, preventing substances being disposed of in the environment, so that their components can be reused.
    In European Union countries:
    These collection points are accessible free of charge.
    All products with this sign must be brought to these collection points.
    In non-European Union jurisdictions:
    Items of equipment with this symbol are not to be thrown into ordinary bins if your jurisdiction or your region has suitable recycling and collection facilities; instead they are to be taken to collection points for them to be recycled.
    In the United States you may learn more about CTIA’s Recycling Program at http://www.gowirelessgogreen.org/